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To achieve your goal, you will need to have that child with you. Don’t ever let that brat go. Because I am sure that the last time you did so was the same time you failed.

No matter what, I want you to look into the eyes of that child. He (or she) is counting on you to make it happen. When you think no one else will put their trust in our cleverness and grit, that child always will.

Yes, you may have failed several times before this, but the fact that you can tell your mind to move your eyes, mouth, and hand a while ago shows that you are ready to use your creativity and teach your mind to get things done. Consider a job where you make your own rules, set your own pace, choose your own location, and earn a hundred dollars a day… or more.

But that will not happen without the carefree little kid that you were and the responsible adult that you are teaming up to make the biggest change in your life thus far. Both of you deserve the gift that awaits you. Hold hands and grab it together.

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